Introducing Mastering Golang Programming

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For the past year, I had worked really hard with Packt publishing on building an advanced video course about the Go language called “Mastering Go Programming“. Mastering Golang Programming is an extensive video course on the world of the Go language. The Go programming language is considered by many as a phenomenal disruptive technology despite it’s young age. A game changer when it comes to building powerful software products. Since it’s inception, Go had grown in popularity dramatically, becoming the TIOBE programming index 2016 language of the year winner.  

The course provides a unique combination of covering deep internal aspects of the language, while also diving into very practical topics about using the language in production environments.

Mastering golang programming
In the course you learn to:
  • Apply modern software design patterns utilizing the Go language
  • Take a deep dive into Go’s master topics like advanced concurrency patterns, and the flexible reflection capabilities
  • Write unit tests and benchmarks for your Go code
  • Create advanced backend microservices for the Hydra spaceship software and design an end to end chat system
  • Handle JSON, XML, and CSV data formats in your code
  • Interact with Mongodb, MySQL and BoltDB
  • Build powerful communications layer for your microservices using protocol buffers, TCP, and UDP
  • Develop powerful web applications and Restful APIs utilizing http requests, forms, and cookies
  • Design beautiful dynamic UI for the hydra software utilizing Go templates and websockets
  • Secure your applications with certificates, https, and secure web sockets
The Hydra project

Throughout the course, we build an application called Hydra. Hydra is a fictional spaceship that needs some software to work efficiently. We write the backend services, the persistence layers, the security layers, as well as the UI for it to shine.

The Mastering Golang programming course took a ton of effort from me, the reviewers, and the great team at Packt publishing. We worked so hard to ensure you get a unique course that not only covers known features of the language, but also covers topics not typically found in other learning resources on the Go language. I sincerely hope you learn something new from it 🙂

You can have a look at the introduction video here, where I describe in much more detail what the course contains. 

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3 thoughts on “Introducing Mastering Golang Programming”

  1. Hello Mina,

    I’m working through Mastering Go Programming [Video]. Wondering if the code samples are available somewhere I have not looked. Thanks.


  2. Hello Mina!

    I am currently enrolled on your course on golang and I must say you have managed to fill a few gaps in my understanding of some concepts in computer science overall. For that I am forever grateful. Thank you for such a fulfilling class so far! My class is wrapping up soon as I am in the Database section of the course but wanted to reach out as I feel empowered to deploy this powerful systems language throughout all of my environments and development workflow.

    Thank you.

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