Life is not fair!!

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Do you think good always wins over evil?? Do bad people who do nasty things end up getting punished in life?? How about people who go through life crises? Are they all guilty of something? did they cause the agony of other human beings and hence they are suffering in return? In short, do you think life is fair??

life is not fair

As a kid, I enjoyed fairy tales, stories of how the good always prevails and how evil always loses. I had my own theory that any person who commits an act of evil will always lose, it’s just a matter of time because life is fair, life just has to be fair , or else why bother caring?! As a teenager, I got more curious about the world, I started to read about cultures and history. Slowly, I came to the realization that the history of our world is full of stories of tyranny, war and injustice and guess what?  Not all tyrants end up suffering in their lives, probably after, but not in life. Some of them die peacefully in their warm clean beds maybe in the company of a grandchild or two, like any other friendly grandpa out there!! My ultimate realization as a teenager was that if history is to teach us one thing -other than the fact that human beings love to repeat the same mistakes over and over –  is that life is simply not fair!!

But then what to do about that? Are we cursed? Actually we are not, not at all!! But why? because we have the capability of compassion, we have the ability to love and be loved, we have the power to be happy against all odds. We can smile, we can laugh, we can taste the bright side of life. Yes life is not fair, but we have the power inside us to defeat the unhappiness that is caused by that. Yes life is unfair, but we can try to plan ahead the next time to avoid life’s bad shots as much as possible the next time around .Yes life is not fair, but we have the ability to look and search  for the bright spot in our lives. May that be a partner, a parent, a friend, a hobby, a passion, a sport, a country and the list goes on and on and on. Someone might argue that we may perish before we reach the one  bright spot in our lives; my answer is that if you die trying, then you died smiling.

Yes bad things happen in life, but one advantage of the unpredictability and mysterious nature of life is that the worst outcome just doesn’t happen every single time. Life can even be amusing at times. What do you think about the picture above? It looks like a fierce battle, countless lives must have been lost, right? Well, imagine this: legend has it that a single soldier died in this battle. Not only that, but he died because he ‘fell off his horse’!! Whether that was the case or not, the point is that the worst in life doesn’t occur in every round regardless of the circumstances.

Life is not fair, but guess what?? that’s okay Smile

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One thought on “Life is not fair!!”

  1. I agree with you that life is unfair.But believe me bad people have their puneshment in their lives whatever the picture looks different.

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