I was bored!!

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I was really bored a couple of years ago, why? Ummm, let me think, was it because of the lack of something to do? don’t think so, I had tons of things that I could have done!! Was it for the lack of someone to talk to? Absolutely not, I had and still have amazing people in my life. Was it because of the lack of travel? Nope, I travelled quite a bit!! Come to think about it, I felt like there was the whole world to conquer out there, places yet to visit, lives yet to live, awesome people yet to meet, so much fun yet to have, even video games to play but I still felt really bored!!


Now a couple of years later, and a bunch of hard decisions after, I think what made me bored was the lack of considerable challenges at that point of my life, the lack of the continuous fire . In the past, keeping the same routine and doing the same work was considered to lead to a good life. However, in this day and age I think we all need to have a moving target or a challenge in life that is not easy at all to reach, whenever we succeed in achieving that significant target, we need to look further and forward to achieve more and more and more and more!! because this gives our lives meaning, gives it colour, gives it purpose. This is what forces us in shaping ourselves to be better, to be stronger, smarter, more skilful and more solid. Without this everlasting challenge or the moving target, I will stay the same exact person 30 years from now, I won’t move anywhere and I will always feel trapped and -wait for it- bored!!!

We need to know when to play it safe and when to jump the boundaries, when to crash the barriers and when to make a U-turn before we jump off the cliff. We have to pick our challenges smartly, our target has to be something that we enjoy. Do you fancy programming? Maybe write your own App or website.  Do you like drawing? Imagine a gallery in your name!! Do you love music? How about being a pianist? Do you enjoy teaching?Time to look for your first student!! By the end of the day what I found is that identifying my passion and following it is the  mother of all silver bullets to defeating boredom!!

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