Cross-platform mobile development

This post is about my thoughts on C#, Xamarin and cross-platform mobile programming in general. Originally, I wanted to talk exclusively about C# and it’s significance in modern mobile programming however I couldn’t resist covering the topic from the beginning. If you are only interested in C# and Xamarin , click here.

Cross-platform mobile development

So you love technology, you enjoy your iPhone/Android/Windows device, you know how to program and you have a ground-breaking-kick-ass-never-seen-before-will-turn-the-world-upside-down idea for a mobile app, what next? Answer is simple: go make it!! But make it how? Isn’t your idea worth sharing with the whole world? or is it worth only sharing with someone who owns an iPhone (assuming you do swift/objective-c) or an Android phone (Assuming the you breath Java like most of the world) ? Do you write it for one platform first then rinse and repeat every single ounce of effort for the next platform? IMO, once you start pondering these questions, you are getting really serious. And once you start getting really serious, you will either wish you have an endless supply of time and developer friends or you start researching cross-platform mobile development. For me, obviously the solution was to take a stab at cross-platform mobile development. read more