Modern Golang Programming video course

The Modern Golang Programming video course is my second video course on the Go programming language. The course attempts to tackle some very practical concepts for developing modern applications in the Go language, in an engaging manner.

It covers a diverse collection of open source third party packages that can be utilized with the Go language to build advanced modern software.

Throughout the course, a distributed application is built that supports several databases, establishes efficient serial communications techniques, and enjoys an advanced web layer with templates, cookies, and websockets support.

The viewer will be expected to:
– Get a practical overview of the Go language
– Explore popular SQL databases such as MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQLite
– Learn about the GORM ORM layer
– Build Go applications that can work with Mongodb
– Learn the concepts of time series databases with InfluxDB
– Learn protocol buffers version 2 and 3
– Explore gRPC support in Go
– Dive into the Gorilla web toolkit, REST APIs, Gorilla websockets, and Gorilla cookies
– Understand the Hero templating engine