Never underestimate the power of art

According to wikipedia, art is an outlet for human expression, a vessel for our creativity. A very attractive definition indeed. But what value does art provide? Why do we care about outlets for human expression? How does it apply to our day to day lives?

Way back when, in my college days, I was deeply puzzled about the usefulness of any study that doesn’t yield immediate measurable value. Let’s say you studied medicine, shortly after you graduate you are treating patients, helping people get better, making families happier while making money in the process. How about engineering? You finish school today, tomorrow you are designing cities , building robots , crafting useful software , taking over the world one achievement at a time while yet again making money in the process. read more

Life is not fair!!

Do you think good always wins over evil?? Do bad people who do nasty things end up getting punished in life?? How about people who go through life crises? Are they all guilty of something? did they cause the agony of other human beings and hence they are suffering in return? In short, do you think life is fair??

life is not fair

As a kid, I enjoyed fairy tales, stories of how the good always prevails and how evil always loses. I had my own theory that any person who commits an act of evil will always lose, it’s just a matter of time because life is fair, life just has to be fair , or else why bother caring?! As a teenager, I got more curious about the world, I started to read about cultures and history. Slowly, I came to the realization that the history of our world is full of stories of tyranny, war and injustice and guess what?  Not all tyrants end up suffering in their lives, probably after, but not in life. Some of them die peacefully in their warm clean beds maybe in the company of a grandchild or two, like any other friendly grandpa out there!! My ultimate realization as a teenager was that if history is to teach us one thing -other than the fact that human beings love to repeat the same mistakes over and over –  is that life is simply not fair!! read more

I was bored!!

I was really bored a couple of years ago, why? Ummm, let me think, was it because of the lack of something to do? don’t think so, I had tons of things that I could have done!! Was it for the lack of someone to talk to? Absolutely not, I had and still have amazing people in my life. Was it because of the lack of travel? Nope, I travelled quite a bit!! Come to think about it, I felt like there was the whole world to conquer out there, places yet to visit, lives yet to live, awesome people yet to meet, so much fun yet to have, even video games to play but I still felt really bored!! read more

The gift and the curse of being yourself!!

I am currently sitting in a tiny plane cruising from Seattle to Edmonton. I decided to write about something not technical. Who am I you ask?? Well, I am just a guy who decided to write about a fancy topic while looking over the clouds from above!! Sometimes, I try to imagine how my great great grandparents would react a couple hundred years ago if they were given the opportunity to watch the skies, the mountains, the seas and the whole frickin’ world from above. For them, it would have felt like temporary possessing divine powers. For us, it’s just another day. For me a simple observation like that represents how magnificent the human race is!! read more