Who Am I?

My name is Mina. I am an author, a software Engineer, a  SCADA software expert and a fellow human being. This is my personal website.

I am the author of the Mastering Go Programming video training course by Packt publishing.

I love to read, write and learn about technology and life.

You can find me at GitHub or Linkedin


Software Experience:

  • Diverse experience in all the stages of building software, marketing software and selling software
  • Extensive experience in middle layer software, scaling distributed software systems, and SCADA systems internal designs
  • Working experience in C#, Java, Go, C++, Python, Javascript & Ruby programming languages 
  • Major frameworks covered include Microsoft .NET, Java 8 (JDK 1.8), Google Guava libraries, WordPress, Mono , meteorJS , asynchronous programming libraries, NIO2 and Ruby on Rails among others
  • Experience in REST API consumption and design techniques 
  • Experience in the agile software development methodology and scrum mastering
  • Experience in relational databases ( MySQL and Microsoft SQL) and NOSQL document stores (monogodb)
  • Experience using TFS, SVN and Github and VSS source controls
  • Experience in serialization protocols (Protobuf and Thrift)
  •  Experience in Xamarin mobile programming as well as native android programming
  • Authored various articles on software design and code, some featured on Reddit and Hacker news
  • Powerful Knowledge in Web design
  • Experience in software QA
  • Professional Engineer (Alberta Canada).
  • Proven leadership skills. Project management course at NAIT.
  • Experience in android programming 

SCADA Experience:

  • Extensive experience in SCADA software solutions architectures as well as best code design practices
  • Participated with industry experts from multiple vendors to design SCADA software solutions. The vendors included Matrikon, Wonderware, OSISoft, Honeywell, and Emerson among others
  • Conducted numerous site trips to various engineering sites spanning across multiple countries and continents to troubleshoot and fix their SCADA software problems
  • Engaged as an OPC software architect with the sales team of MatrikonOPC to produce value to its customers
  • Managed MatrikonOPC’s product portfolio as the product manager of their OPC servers
  • Currently responsible for Bloom Energy’s SCADA data acquisition infrastructure and HMI
  • Supervised and provided assistance to development, customer support and Remote Monitoring and Control teams troubleshooting various types of issues involving SCADA  & middle layer software
  • Authored articles on SCADA 
  • Powerful working experience in the OPC specifications 
  • Designed, wrote and tested different SCADA software components at various stages of my career. My work covered OPC servers, historians , data acquisition software, HMI plugins , device drivers among others
  • My work spanned across multiple industries including oil & gas, power ( wind/hydro/cool plants), cleaner energy (Fuel cells), and pharma among others. 
  • Software architectures encountered includes Wonderware Intouch, PI, IP21, Inductive Automation Ignition, Honeywell Experion, Honeywell PHDs, Emerson DeltaV among others.
  • Devices encountered included Allen Bradley PLCs , ROC devices , APACS systems , RS3 RNI, Siemens S7 , Vestas among others
  • Wrote Java data acquisition modules for Inductive Automation’s Ignition HMI
  • Working knowledge and experience with Matrikon OPC Data Manager, OPC Redundancy broker, OPC Tunneller, OPC client for ODBC and more.